Jan 20, 2008

directing the masses..

directing the masses
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i miss progression :::sniffle:::

lets play the "i am thankful for.." game for just a second.

-first and formost... im thankful for the bond ive formed with dave, nemo & brandon from working at the gallery.

-secondly, im thankful for meeting kristin [ian too] (even though the last day of the gallerys doors being open is the first day i physically shook her hand, amazing girl...)

-im thankful for the insanity i experienced, even though i hated it at times, i can look back and laugh now.

-im thankful for making friends with tatyana.. screw the past, march into the future.

-im thankful for learning how to airbrush, thanks to the chris granillo bunch (oakland bros and desert dudes?)

-this probably should have been first and foremost... but eh, i already typed that.  i am thankful for the hubby realizing we should never have a retail location.  WAY TOO MUCH STRESS.  i think i def grew a few grey hairs from that damn place.

if im leaving anything out... feel free to correct me.

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