May 21, 2008

take a little trip.

i went to redlands on monday to get my hair done by the fabulous angi. it was fun and too short of a stay. thankfully i had a chance to hang out with her spawn... which happens to be the cutest spawn ever created (im pretty sure).

heres some [really crappy quality] proof. i wish stellas face werent blurry. why is she growing up so quickly?

after we dropped stella off we went to the bar. i forgot how desperate redlands bar dudes are. note to self, memory refreshed indefinitely. seems like we both just had a lot on our shoulders. the drinks helped. logan and burak picked us up when the scene became too ravenous for our taste. we went swimming at buraks. the pool felt like a bathtub! had some quality talks with logan and ang. i decided that men are PIGS. seriously. very few pass the test in my books. ugh, i wish it wasnt assumed that women arent clever enough to catch onto things. c'mon people!!

i took the train home at 8am more hungover than ive been in a long while. it was fun. spending $10 on a ticket > los angeles traffic at 8am.

once i got home rob informed me that we were going to katsuya for dinner with maria and travis. man, i dont think a nap was any more necessary in my life. anyway, sushi was good followed by amoeba (bought nada surf, hell yes).

in a few minutes we are going to a dodger game. im excited. i havent been to a baseball game since i was with nolan... oddly enough he is coming with us. BIZZARREEEE!

okay, i am off.

(im really not into using my camera at the moment, incase you cant tell?)

ta ta!

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