Jun 3, 2008


hooooly cow. gonna pick up this bad boy up at the airport (at 4am tonight/tomorrow morning ughh). i doubt i mentioned hes been in kauai backpacking around. ive been trying to keep myself busy and not think about it in order to avoid missing him. its strange how many things ive taken for granted that im SOOO thankful he does every day.
(on the right, with the long flowing locks)

on the bright side ive been fixing up the house while hes been gone. i stripped the heinous wallpaper in the guest room, hung a giant native american wall piece from ikea, hung curtains in our room, bought a new toilet seat, assembled a table, assembled 4 chairs and a coffee table was assembled in their too. i also bought paint anticipating a paint job in the bathroom and guest room... alas with no avail. while working in the bathroom i realized the sink had clogged due to the above "flowing locks". fucking pulled a tim "the toolman" taylor and talked to this awesome albino mexican dude at home depot about how to take my sink apart. i took it apart, snaked it and this came out! CROOOOOOSH!
YUM! (light bulb for size comparison) anyway, the sink still dont work! dang. gotta go buy draino, ugh, i was avoiding that creepy stuff.

well ive gotta finish up some last minute things... wash our sheets, put some new orange covers on our couches, clean and maybe paint our bed frame?



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