Jul 17, 2008


okay so one of the worst incidents to date has happened (in los angeles at least). it always involves the dogs! ughhhh. so lets back up...

its july 15th. josh's friends band "shannon and the clams" play la cita... it was legit.
shannon and the clams.
(cody from shannon and the clams)
they are awesome kids from oakland that are so positive it made me rethink my positivity meter and how i need to bump that shit up a notch. anyway, they had nowhere to stay so i offered them our futon and aerobed. easy enough!

9:00 am rolls around its now july 16th... were all sleeping and our little furry friends need to potty so rob was kind enough to take them out. he makes his way to the toilet only to hear sammy groan and squeal. so he runs out back only to find kujo foaming at the mouth (in a complete frenzy) and sammy bleeding and groaning. they bolt inside all bruised and battered when our nostrils discover they had been sprayed and bitten by a skunk! kujo was rubbing her face on EVERYTHING! i mean the house smelled so potent it made me sick instantaneously. so rob grabbed kujo and sammy and threw them outside only to get sprayed AGAIN! it was just fowl. the poor band evacuated the house taking everything outside.

i finally summed up the damage. a. blood and skunk juice foam EVERYWHERE inside the house. b. skunk smell in the kitchen, the entire living room and our room *including the hallway. c. two dogs who were really freaking messed up & d. a LOT of cleanup to be done. i jumped in the car to buy some peroxide, baking soda, coffee, mouthwash, vinegar and tomato juice (even though that has to be a myth). it was just terrible. i got home with everything and assessed that sammy had been sprayed and bitten in the nose while kujo had ingested the skunk spray. gross. every piece of fabric in our house had to be re-washed (i even washed some of the band members clothing :( sorry guys).

so while im writing this, sammy and kujo have been washed roughly 10 times each, weve done about 10 loads of laundry and our house smells like shit. awesome. on a lighter note rob and i ate at m cafe today and i inspected his chemical burn which occoured about a week ago because his wedding ring (which is white gold) was submerged in a brand new over chlorinated pool.

m cafe.

chemical burn!
rob's poor finger =(

off to portland tomorrow!!! hooray!

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