Nov 17, 2008


i just finished "breaking dawn" the fourth [and final] book in the twilight saga. i was completely enthralled with the series from start to finish. i read something like 2500 pages in two weeks! let me be honest here and say that i havent finished a book since high school. how embarrassing. if it took this to jump-start a new passion in my life, SO BE IT. now i cant wait to go to alabama on saturday and see the movie on sunday! im also taking two black panther books with me to see if i can wrap myself up in those. i suppose i will bring ishmael to re-read... now that my brain doesnt have anymore coagulation of dumb floating around bleakly (causing reader's block).

puh, its 1:02 in the am and rob has a phone meeting i have to wake up for at 7:30 and some crazy gym class is at night so i should probably get off of this. im still on a book high... hmmmmmmm.

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