Nov 1, 2008


its been the first halloween in 4 years (i think) that i whole heartedly celebrated. not working at rob's mom's store was GREAT. i baked cupcakes and home made peanut butter cups (as per rob's request).



our neighbor came over and borrowed our cheese grater. her and her husband just moved here a month ago from LA... weird. she also invited us to their halloween party. we then proceeded to carve pumpkins and dress up like alice cooper. yep, both of us... "the coopers" is what our neighbor called us (sadly i forgot to take pictures). i think in all we spent $20 on our costumes and decorations. that felt pretty awesome as well. i isohunted some spooky music and we scared hawaiian kids all night. it was awesome.

we have neighbors living above us too (in the ohana-its kinda of like a studio apartment above or below the main house... i know weird, all hawaiian homes have them for their extended family). at one point in the night we moved down and hung out with them. it was the first time weve really talked to them since we moved here. tara and andrew are their names. they are a really nice couple from vermont. both teachers and very passionate about what they do. we had some drinks and i think it was the first time i had a drink in 3 months or so. i was pretty wasted after two cocktails and proceeded to try and catch geckos and make a fool of myself. we missed the neighbors party, but oh wellll. c'est la vie.

today i woke up hungover. it was such a foreign feeling that i couldnt put my finger on what was wrong. i woke up at 6 to yard sale, had bubble guts, drank a chai and then felt sick as all hell. finally i ate some breakfast which made me feel a little better. totally a bunk yard sale'ing day though. megh. although two blythes came in the mail (i sold two in order to gain two)!! hooray.

sigh, its the best when it rains at night here. its so calming... almost like a lullaby cooling everything off for the night. so long.

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