Dec 29, 2008

angi bane!

FINALLY! yesss! got some much needed quality time in with angi! she cut/colored my hair, which i now LOVE. im not quite sure why i dont have any photos with her. this kinda bums me out. we ate panera - YUM! we then saw yes man with carynn and shaye. that movie was surprisingly good. jim carey still has it for sure. last but not least we trucked over to the fishers abode to watch the UFC fight. one guy had his head split open - reassurance that i dont like watching fights. i had a chance to play with the fisher children, whom are some of the loveliest kids ive ever laid eyes on! seriously-- look:


i was going to stay with angi but rob said he wanted me to go with him to one of his best friends birthday party. so off i went. =( it was fairly entertaining... but it made me feel old. i guess if i wouldve partaken in the debauchery surrounding me i may have had a better time.

(the new cut and my gross dermatitis/eczema whatever you wanna call it)
(rob found his old ski hat, nuff said)
(rob & the birthday boy)

this party was full of homemade tattoos. i managed to catch two good ones.

anthony's birthday.
(thats a burrito with "no cheese" underneath)
anthony's birthday.
and yes that is a panda wearing a morrissey shirt.

off to tomorrow.

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