Dec 26, 2008


man, being in california has been joyous<-- wtf?! hahaha. we stayed with my mom the night we arrived (after a crazy ass shuttle ride from LAX to colton). the next day was christmas eve which is when my step dad's family celebrates christmas. it was wild as always and pretty awesome since my mom gave us kites! KITES! seriously, a genius gift for the kids who dont want anything.

late that night we headed up to robs parents to spend the night there (so we could wake up with them on christmas morning). good god that house is creepy santa zone. i think his mom had 200+ santas on display? i only captured the hearth area. just to give you an idea of the creepiness; we fell asleep next to a 4' tall santa with life size clothing and glasses. robs dad informed me that sometimes he falls over in the middle of the night and bumps you while youre sleeping --- HOW SCARY IS THAT?!?! geez.

even our syrup was santa shaped =(

lootwise we totally made out - not that christmas is about presents, but im just sayin'! his parents were on point (i guess sending a christmas list causes that to happen?) rob was given new flip flops, some tank tops and swimming trunks... pretty much all that guy needed =) aside from the xylophone i surprised him with. i was blown away when i opened a box from rob with a brand new 17-85mm canon lens in it! what a sneak! he totally surprised me and made my christmas. best hubby ever award is given to him. travis gave me some blythe post cards and a blythe book, sweet.


the encouragement to have a grandchild was also in full effect. it was coming from so many directions and frustrating me so much. robs cousin just had a baby 6 months ago and they were having me hold her in attempts to make me want one. it backfired when the creature threw up on me 3 separate times. ew. here she is.

travis and theron had a party that night also. here are a few shots i took while i was there. (only of logan since i was working on how to change the iso on my camera)

kkkk bye.

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