Dec 16, 2008


if there were such a thing it wouldve been today (okay i may be exaggerating):

a. robs flight was cancelled because something went wrong with the plane. glad they didnt take off, bummed hes STILL not here.
b. life in hawaii without rob is BORING and HOT - well its hot regardless of rob being here or not.
c. i let booger out to potty this morning and i heard this bug whizz by my head. thinking it was a moth i just shrugged. only to realize it was a fucking HUGE cockroach! BLEGHHHHHHHHHH! i almost cried. not because i was scared or sad, but because an insect that large should NOT be able to fly [unless its a sweet, innocent, dusty moth - butterflies also fall into that category].
d. just got home from spin class, went to pee and gee golly, what whizzes by my head again? AN EVEN MORE ENORMOUS COCKROACH! im talking the granddaddy of cockroaches IN MY HOUSE! ugh. i contemplated how to kill the damn thing and all i could fathom was a large wad of paper-towels squishing it. well it was too fast for me so i just locked it in the bathroom until rob comes home.
e. my sewing machine is eating my brand new corduroy i bought to sew pretty things with.
f. i just lost bidding on etsy for a dress ive been waiting for an hour to be put up for sale.

so frustrated its gross.

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