Dec 19, 2008

okay i want this week to end.

christmas shopping in the middle of the pacific is WAY too stressful. we will NOT be spending next christmas out here. also when i hear "rockin around the christmas tree" while its 85, sunny outside and i see people playing at the beach i know something is wrong. im sorry dear friends but you wont be getting any gifts from us... shipping is just stupid.

ive been waiting for this doll i ordered for almost three weeks now. since i paid for expedited shipping this irritates me even more =( its not the sellers fault... its hawaii's!!! getting mail here is just ridiculous. anyway, here she is:

shes so pretty. maybe this will give me more time to think of a proper name for her?

also, ebay is stupid... selling items on that site is like pulling teeth. once they're sold who knows when that person will pay. seriously frustrating.


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