Jan 4, 2009


major delay on the blogsphere.

sorry about that!!! i had so little time to upload photos and so much time to take them. im totally gonna cheat and backdate 5+ posts so our time in california is documented properly. i guess you can backup in my blog timeline if youre super interested ;)

in other news. 2 members of our family were flown home last night! i have stewie sleeping in my shirt right now and kujo is flopped lazily somewhere on the floor. they had a rough time understanding they were actually leaving animal quarantine. i hooked stew up in his harness and ran him around the parking lot. he was running so hard it made his harness pop off and he took off like a free man! thankfully another pet parent was near by and scooped him up. needless to say theyre home safe and sound adjusting to the free lifestyle.

stay tuned!


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