Feb 15, 2009

california round 56.

i have to fly to california AGAIN! our lawyer scheduled my deposition for the 18th... as if he couldnt have told us this WHILE I WAS IN CALIFORNIA A WEEK AGO?! yarbles. im catchin the red eye tomorrow night at 11:59pm (why didnt they just say tuesday at 12am?). im trying to keep plane crashes in the very far corner of my mind.

in other news i sold my kenner blythe. sadness. the money was needed and i actually made a little extra for the restorations i did to her. i am being a responsible adult and paying off my debts. although the only reason im paying them billz is so i can fly to chicago in may... does my previous statement really count?

also, something josh blogged about made me think. i literally concocted this visual in my head and LOL'd... no really. so what if people started treating sex like a mexican restaurant? "hey you, hyna. why dont you let me put this burrito in your taco so i can make some guacamole?" i actually think i would give a guy a chance if he said that to me.



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ihaveanewname said...

my friend hunter posted a fake casual encounters ad on craigslist that said "i want you to suck my filthy burrito"