Feb 21, 2009

thin air.

woke up this morning with the worst sore throat. i sound like a man when i talk.

sorry about last nights emo post... it was a rough day. i woke up this morning feeling a bit more posi and i uploaded photos which always puts me in a good mood. so ill give the run down of whats happened since i arrived in the golden state.

tuesday: flight landed at 10am. my mom forgot to pick me up. finally left the airport at 11am. ran a shitload of errands, hung with some friends, came home and fell asleep. sleep was glorious that night.

wednesday: father in law picked me up at 10am, drove me to century city and i gave my deposition. heres our lawyer..
don karpel.
it was a waste of time and i was just used for billing on the other attorneys behalf. saw tim & eric that night with dave, brandon and dam. came home to hammered parents... which is always a bummer. slept for 4 hours that night.

thursday: played with willy.
had lunch with trav. helped nemo with a photo shoot.
behind the scenes.
had chipotle with nemo. didnt end up going back to the ie & slept at the flores/seghers/aguilar residence that night (due to annihilated parental issues).

friday: am breakfast sesh with dave and brian. la to check out a potential campus. lunch with looker. dropped film off. hung with josh (mainly janell). had a meltdown mid traffic. climbed on rooftops. ate drank at pf changs. tried to cuzzi... only to find cold water, got bummed out and fell asleep hammered.

now its saturday and im supposed to go to musink in a few hours but im feeling ridiculously ill and would rather be swaddled.

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