Mar 5, 2009

i told you to be patient...

bon iver is so amazingly, heart wrenchingly GOOD! okay onto more serious topics.

im coming home around april 1st for bamboozle. i am so homesick and lonely. im going to stay behind to see if i can enroll in school and find a job. there are a few things that may go wrong, which i am dreading. first thing: i wont get approved for a student loan in this economy, second: i wont find a job to pay for my loan with, third: i will miss rob and the dogs far too much to last until rob moves home to california and fourth: my mom wont let me stay at her house longer than a month. these plans are all so tentative and dependent on minute details panning out. i know one things certain... i have to stay in california until at least april 28th. on the 28th i fly out of john wayne (in orange county) to chicago. ill be driving to new jersey with amanda for bamboozle, which should be all sorts of exciting.

rob and i have changed soo much. i mean we were just BABIES when we met! i do know that i love him so and the outcome of everything will be nothing more than positive. ive just gotta stay strong.
old photos...
(this was taken in 2004 at the marchianos christmas party)
life is so strange sometimes. i suppose i should get to work now... just thought id keep everyone posted on lifes happenings.

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Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a sweet photo, you look so cute! :)