Mar 13, 2009

march 12th 2009.

todayyyy i was doing laundry, since it was about that time. when i walked out of the laundry area there was a giant centipede!!! centipedes are basically the only poisonous creature in hawaii. i always dreaded coming across a live one. fortunately (unfortunately for him) i may have stepped on him before i saw him and killed him! thus allowing me to take this photo:

we cleaned the carpets today. i never knew how legit rug doctors are! i also didnt know how disgusting our carpet was. the dirty water literally looked like diarrhea. i gagged so hard while pouring it out. blegh. we were fairly productive id say. melissa and jason arrive tomorrow! soooo happy about that! ill update with tons of photos then.

no lullz videos tonight. i kinda wore myself out laughing so hard the last few nights. so tonight consisted of reading up on crucial bloggage ive been missing. i just wanna throw out there how badly ive missed reading baby sineads blog. its been years. thoroughly entertained, yet again, by this buxom blonde. thanks sinead!

ni niiight <3

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