May 19, 2009

the cheeseburger chapter...

its so strange being alone for this long, i dont even know who i am anymore. kali has left the building and returned as this new and improved mutant version of herself. (did i really type that last sentence in third person?) i was trying to explain this to dave yesterday and all we could conclude was that it is the 'cheeseburger chapter' in my life... hence the new 'siq ink' [i need to stop quoting shit]:


anyway, the story behind that little guy is the fact that ive been searching for the perfect image of the iconic american burger. i think it is such an interesting visual relationship between a hamburger and our culture. maybe ive completely lost my mind? my beloved husband found this particular gem in a 90's font set and i fell head over heels for it.

neexxxt. so much to do in so little time! the woman we were going to rent a house from in forest falls totally dropped the ball. she hasnt emailed me, called me or sent a message to me via pony express in over a week! that is way too shady for me since this whole ordeal has been going on for a month.

today i took the liberty to drive my ass up to forest falls and talk to another realtor about some different houses. i actually found an AWESOME house! its so cute! everything we need in a nice, compact, aged package - just how we like it. im gonna hustle over to yucaipa tomorrow morning to drop off the applications. this has taken way too long and i really need to get with the program. here's a photo of the house:

forest falls.

i really dont like the wooden door, im thinking ill ask the owners if i can paint it the color of the house, that is, if we get it for sure.


and missing rob more than ever.

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