May 22, 2009

los angeles.

current obsessions:
- +++++++++++++
-seafoam green (okay this isnt so current, but its still an obsession)
-coral colored objects
-denim jackets
-no rock 'n roll

dave and i spent the day in la on wednesday. it was KILLER to decompress and just let the time pass on its own. the purpose behind the trip was to make it to the dodgers game by 5pm. this happened and it was actually more fun than i chalked it up to be. dave forced me to wait in line at autograph alley while i was heckled by some gangsters, "denggg, that girl is so tall. shes like yao ming..." wutever doods, i am totally not THAT tall. onto the photos....

a day in LA.
a day in LA.
a day in LA.a day in LA.
a day in LA.a day in LA.
a day in LA.

i also rented the house aforementioned. im excited for this next step in life, i just miss rob and everything is so indescribeable right now. i hate it.

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