May 8, 2009


FINALLY I FEEL SOMEWHAT ALIVE! ive completely unpacked, washed and hung all of my clothes, ive thoroughly bathed and used my own towels to dry off with, and ive slept in [kinda]my own bed and boy does it feel glorious.

our flight home was kinda epic. we boarded a plane that had 7 passengers total which meant we were told to cruise in first class! woooo! this entitled us to all of the booze we wanted - FOR FREEEE! not like it was needed it after the 5 days we lived through prior to the flight :-/
mama im comin home.

our flight attendant actually preformed science experiments a la bill nye! lesson learned: biodegradable cups collapse when hot water is poured in them creating a frisbee!
mama im comin home.

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