May 15, 2009

turn the beat around.


pancer time!

this isnt going to be a very composed blog... im just going to throw that out there now. wait, when are my blogs EVER composed?

A. let me start with this. if there are any ridiculously successful/wealthy readers of my blog that would like to anonamously send me this ring, i would not object.
someone wanna buy me this?
really though who is going to spend almost $4000 on something like that? i offered $250 and was shot down.

B. i woke up to a phone call from bri (the manager at the mac counter in macy's at vicky g's) saying, "hi kali, its bri, id like to job offer you." lovely way to start the day huh?

C. yesterday i went to forest falls with travis, neil and brandon. what a fun little field trip (i also accomplished productive life things too)! hopefully we will be moving there soon!

D. im under some serious time constraints now - i have to find a house and be somewhat moved in by june 2nd. why is that? wellll, i will be flying to hawaii to see my beautiful husband and dogs. followed by BRINGING BOOGER AND STEWIE HOME! i am so excited!

E. rob has been sending me these images hes been making. im not going into detail but they are really freaking awesome.
the work of rob.

F. last but not least... tattoo? oui ou non?

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