Jun 30, 2009

los angeles...

ive been ogling the opening ceremony web store since it opened in hopes of someday finding my "dream piece" that i would 100% have to throw down on. finally i told myself, "kali, just freaking go down to the store and pick something up, you deserve it." yesterday was that day. through the winding freeways and thick smog i found myself at 451 north la cienega.
los angeles.
los angeles.los angeles.

this charming 10,000 square foot building was once the studio of charlie chaplin and had so many interesting rooms/nooks/hallways i was mad with excitement! seeing the location alone was worth the trip. i wish i had the funds to buy out the entire alexander wang room - or maybe just the faux fur chair in the corner that was legitimately calling my name?
los angeles.

i walked away with a pair of sunnies ive been lusting after. the hinged black, rectangle, straight-out-of-a-comic book creations by slow and steady wins the race:

i continued by making my journey to josh's house. we ate pure luck, scoops and saw a dog with a mohawk. we chatted about life, business and websites. he is such a good friend.
los angeles.

the end.

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