Jul 22, 2009

skank world.

a. ive missed los angeles terribly. visiting her again feels like second skin and im so homesick to live there. upland will tide me over in the mean time.

b. skank world is quite possibly my favorite store ever. their taste in product (furniture) and collection of bratz dolls is impeccable. the staff is so intriguing and its making me want to explore different realms of myself just by talking to them + they make me feel smart for once in my life. i visited their warehouse consisting of more buried treasure than the goonies can speak for. more vintage eames, bertoia and schultz than i have ever seen + peters magic golden bicycle!

c. nemos birthday week is nuts and i never want to go to cinespace again.

skank world.
skank world.witto fishy.

when life hands you lemons...

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