May 21, 2010


ring around...

A short story, written on my flight home from Alabama.

I scoured several mercantile for four of the best cards I could find. Not the kind that fold in half and have some sort of fancy embossing or thermography. I needed simple, not fancy. The kind of simple you get with a postcard. One picture and enough blank space for a small, 'to-the-point' paragraph. I found four perfect cards on the clearance rack [for the newer selection frankly didn't suit my taste]. Simple card, fancy taste.

I began to scrawl out what my ravaged mind's cup needed to spill. In all uppercase, with stern strokes I began.

#1 was written to the Pawn. An important figure in my game, but not important enough to do any real 'work' so one would say. #2 was written to the Knight, one of my guardians. I know this Knight would do most anything for me, but this Knight leads a life of less quality than mine and is less complex with it's moves. #3 was to the Rook - an equal. Equal in every way aside from the plain fact that this rook was not me. #4 was written to everything in the game, the King. For this King needed a simple note from the Queen. A simple note saying that he is everything and that without him the game simply couldn't be played.

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