Jan 25, 2008

does never never land exist?

i hate growing up.  its just kind of one of those things you have to man up with, grab the reigns and hold on for dear life.  some days i love the person i have become.  other days i loathe who i am.  i cant even describe in words how i feel [at times]. 

i do know a few things.  i dont want to be like either of my parents.  i also want to be 100% independent until the day i die.  i see my grandmommy now, the look in her face is so terrible.  remember when you were young and thought you were lost at the grocery store?  her look is pretty much equivalent to that.  

you can build a lot out of just a few tiny things... so ive been taught at least.  so from what ive listed above, i am going to continue building this miniscule life i lead.  

am i so dear?
do i run rare?
and youve changed so.

genius lyrics.  i wish i could write something as beautiful as joanna newsom has.  

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