Jan 31, 2008

ho-ly crap.

tuesdayyyy was craft night. it was THE BOMB. legitimate girl time with some diverse and unique people. i had the best time... even though i was slightly, well, you know. kristin is probably on of the raddest girls ever... what a winner, go ian. learned about flickr dna <--- so nerdy!, "power thirst" oh and dont forget about "gay power thirst". had to wake up at 6:20am the next day so i called it quits before my little heart wanted to :::tear:::.

i am so sore. i was talking to brian seghers a few nights ago about how i think i need a personal trainer. well he proceeded to tell me to go to this training regimen he goes through called "cross fit". he said i should try it and even offered to pick me up! i couldn't turn that down, ill try pretty much anything once. (minus the fact that dave was behind him saying, "dude, its some serious shit... itll wreck you... i dont think you should do it." ill take that as a sign to try it, right?) anyway, its insane. i am so sore. i feel like a granny. i texted brian earlier and said exactly what i wrote above and he said, "you'll be alright. see you tomorrow morning."
BAHHHH. bright and early i will see you soon.

goodnight 10pm HELLLOOOOO 6:20am.

welcome to hell kali. (oh yes, it is exactly what i needed)

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