Mar 19, 2008

flobby arms.

today and yesterdays crossfit have made my arms SO sore.

yesterday we did some crazy warm up that consisted of 8 mins of jumproping and pole vaulting type jumps between these two horizontal bars (lots of bruises) followed by this set called "frannarf". it consisted of:

21 push presses (i used a 45 lb bar)
21 pull ups
15 push presses
15 pull ups
9 push presses
9 pull ups
9 push presses
9 pull ups
15 push presses
15 pull ups
21 push presses
21 pull ups.

OUCH. my arms were floppy and i slept for 2 hours when i got home.

today!! oigh...

the warmup consisted of 10 mins of jumproping followed by MORE pole vaulting type deals... except this time we had to fall into a somersault afterward. i felt like i was 5 again.

the excersize went as follows:

500m of rowing (i finished in 2.10 mins)
21 bench presses
21 dips
21 body blasters <--- YOU DONT WANNA KNOW
15 bench presses
15 dips
15 body blasters
9 bench presses
9 dips
9 body blasters

today i feel like every muscle in my arms wont work for at least 4 days. i seriously hope tomorrow has nothing to do with arms, i would be relieved. knowing crossfit, it will be something requiring nothing but upper body strength.

GOOD NEWS! my butt is so tight and round, my thighs are thinning out and becoming more toned and i can kinda see some abs also! i just really need to focus on eating lots of veggies and fruit... save sweets for the weekends.


next topic. grandmommys birthday is tomorrow. i sent her this really awesome card and an edible arrangement. its coming from rob and i to her house tomorrow. i hope she enjoys it!

this is which one we bought for her. (excuse the TERRIBLY ghetto picture...)

i slept about 4 hours last night before i had to wake up at 5:30am this morning. its been great discipline but when i get home i stay up for 2-3 more hours then crash and take a nap for 1-2 hours. blegh... exhausting.

last but not least... kujo totally thinks shes human.

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