Mar 30, 2008

midnight ridazz!!!

so josh introduced us to his bike gang last night... the midnight ridazz and let me tell you it was freaking amazing. i dont know why we havent gone on any rides yet, considering our collection of 6 bikes between the two of us. anyway, we took kolt. hes 13 now so i figured why not let him bicycle 17 miles with 100 people at 1am? hahahahahaahahaha. anyway, we rode around north hollywood, van nuys, oxnard and toluca lake. it was insane. my bike weighs a ton and is VERY slow so i was in the back of the pack a few times but aside from that everything was smooth sailing.

17 miles! can you believe it?!?!?!?!

hah, my back hurts soooooo bad today. okay were off to see body worlds.

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