Mar 26, 2008

im convinced booger is the best dog alive.

sammy tried to eat a stray cat (i think it died =( rob was scratched really bad when he was trying to save it), kujo is just a bitch and lays on my pillow WAY more than i do and stewie is the devil in a dog suit.

now booger... booger was minding his own business while sammy was busy mimicking alf, he never lays on my pillow... just next to me under the covers and he is mommy's little angel. if precious moments made a chihuahua statue, they better name it booger.

::end rant::

missed crossfit this morning because we went to some stupid show last night at the henry fonda. slept through my alarm which only means i need to go saturday now... boo.

okay gotta walk the doggies and make rob lunch. so long.

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