Mar 10, 2008


so we are officially los angeles residents. i LOVE it. i really thought we wouldn't like it, AT ALL. i mean hollywood can give off some really shitty misconceptions of la. anyway, silverlake is so hometowny and comfy. our backyard has this awesome patio nemo has nicknamed "the secret garden". i want to lay on the couch up there all day and let the sun warm my pale skin. the hardwood floors are so beautiful and slick. i ran and slid across them trying to impress rob only ending up on my ass in front of him laughing so hard i cried. the kitchen appliances all work... unlike the brookside house. our neighbors are delightful... i met one named dave today... he lives in the "cheetoh colored house" haha. well just wanted to post that. so so busy. more updates when im not scalping interwebz from frank and missi.



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