Mar 11, 2008

panera is the new fave.

i pretty much wanna eat panera every day for the rest of my life (im sure ill burn this out soon enough). the fact that they offer free wifi only makes the place THAT much more awesome. orchard harvest salad - to go - saving that bad boy for lunch.

just finished crossfit in van nuys. shit was REAL. we did an indian style mile run. that is where you run single file and the last person in line sprints to the front... then the next person. kinda like leap frog but running? afterward my mouth tasted like blood. ew. i was pretty winded after that but i was only 15 minutes into the workout so i knew there was still more coming. we did a 500m row, then 21 "ball slams" which is where you slam this medicine ball (i used 10lbs) into a mat and catch it before it bounces again, followed by 15 kettle bell lifts and then 9 "wall balls" which are where you have a soft medicine ball and you squat then launch it up against the ceiling... so hard. megh. anyway, we did that twice. ending with an extra 500m row, as if i werent tired enough. finished in 19:08. i know i can do better next time.

okay enough e-netting. go be productive kali.

buh bye.

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