May 24, 2008

the mist.

my night ended with stephen king's "the mist" (or at least the filmed rendition of it). my favorite part was the fact that the monster had like 7 different phases it morphed into. each with their own terrifying characteristic like acid web, flesh eating claw tentacles or dragon winged rabid parrot looking things. YIKES! can someone please fill me in on why that movie is so damn scary? i mean geez. it makes you wonder what you would do in such a disastrous situation? i loveHATE those kinds of movies. cloverfield, 28 days later, sunshine, resident evil, dream catcher [worst movie ever, sorry jason lee]... etc. hah, two of those are films with cillian murphy in them, hes a babe.
ANYWAYYYY... if i were ever in that situation i would most definitely starve to death or end up killing myself. OKAY onto the next topic!

after i went to trader joe's today i bumped into our neighbor gina. she seems rad. i guess we are somewhat closer than neighbors since we share a duplex, which makes me want to get to know her and her boyfriend shawn a little bit better. they have two pugs and two really awesome topsy turvy tomato plants. (like this)

she also composts her waste, which i look up to. to the point, those are the reasons i think shes rad. oh, shawn smokes too. i think everyone in silverlake smokes... hah.

gina and i ended up walking the doggies together (after i made some fantastic breakfast burritos for rob and i). booger, stewie, giseppe and cooper, what a scary pack. we walked by a house on westerly terrace (on our way to this awesome view of the ghetto part of sunset and all of k-town) where there was a MARCHING BAND playing in the front room! i shit you not. anyway, on our way back the band had finished and were hanging out in front of this house. they insisted on taking a band photo with the pups. they put stew on top of someones head. it was pretty funny. gina laughed a ton. she also told me about this anarchist chear leading squad she was on. they protested fucked up shit and were major feminists. wow! she is an animator and started working with disney on little mermaid three. new person, new stories... im ready!

this city is wild.


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