May 26, 2008


we hung with ryan and albert today. those boys were kind enough to make a pit stop in silverlake to deliver some goods on their way to the pharmacy. good dudes! kinda wrecked my dome, but its alright... all the more love. it entertained rob while he was packing for hawaii. im going to miss his little ass... which i LOOVEEE to pieces.


okay so lets backtrack. the MARCHING BAND that i saw while walking the dogs last night ended up being AMAZINGLY LEGIT. we went to el cid tonight to watch them and seriously if you havent already listened to them you really should. they play music that makes you want to vomit butterflies. i thought for a second they were a christian band... but nope... just a bunch of fun loving kids driving around the US. all the more reason to listen to them.

after the el cid nick was hungry so we stopped by the burrito king. this transient man walked up to us begging for change. he happened to be african american and we happened to have no cash, honestly. well he proceeded to tell us, "oh im just a poor nigger you cant help." it was totally uncalled for and rude on his part. i guess thats how he suckers people into spilling their funds. GUILT. well i didnt feel guilty since i dont really keep that word in my vocab. i told him he needed to chill out. frank pulled his knife after the guy said he wanted to kill "all the girls you little faggots have with you". i think the deal was sealed when frank said, "the next time i see you in the ER im going to let you die".

what a pleasant way to end the night.

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