Jun 7, 2008

d & d baby.

so im pretty convinced that i live in a cave... but thats fine by meeee! ha. rob is going to the japan la 2nd year bash tonight with josh. i had planned on staying in and having a lazy night since (backtrack for a moment here) last night was a late night.

we went to "first fridays" at the natural history museum. (sidenote: im going to buy a small point and shoot because of nights like this, the iphone just aint cuttin' it.) basically youre partying under dinos. you walk through exhibits while boozing and listening to awesome bands. at first glance there were just a ton of people lined up outside of the museum doors. but then i saw a sweet girl named nina (www.ninabrav.com) that i met at united tradeshow whom lives in the beautiful HILO HAWAII - ugh jealous. while making our way into the museum josh screams, "look kali! right there, told you they were alive!" and sure enough a big t-rex followed by a triceratops slowly graze on by. i was in utter amazement. we took pictures with condors. looked at so many different beetles, bugs and everything creepy crawly that exists under the sun. frank, missi, sha-na and a few others were there. maybe next time i wont feel so lethargic (THANKS FLOW). 4 am bed call - just to wake up to texts from josh (who is on our couch in the next room) spelling only with lisps. "theriouthly kali, thith ith thstupid."

today i was on a mission, i wanted to find these wedges that old navy had, these clear glasses jonathan from agenda had on, a sun hat and some cute little sandals from nordstrom. check on three of the four. when i came back to the house i realized i was locked out. i broke in only to find sammy with the trash can lid on his head. its one of those flip around kind, so it looked like he had a satellite on him.

now i am sitting on the couch lusting after a few things. ughhhh, i guess ill share.

i need to stop buying boots, especially since its summer.

new point and shoot for me. nom nom nom

ivory? or...

ah yes, the staple.

mmkay. nighters.

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