Jun 23, 2008

no tears over spilt milk.

life feels so good, being back in his freckly arms. it seems like we havent been with eachother in so long. he went to kauai. when he came home i had somewhat of a rockett emergency that i had to attend to in redlands for a week. after that, we were focusing on warped tour and sort of switching cities. id be in la and he would he in redlands. i also went to mexico for neil's graduation celebration sans rob. anyway, were back together, naked sweaty bodies between these hot summer sheets. feels like heaven i swear. today was the most amazing day. nothing incredibly special happened. we just existed together, happily, without argument or tension. 8 o'clock walks are now my favorite occasions (even though tonights was completed half way barefoot... i have so many blisters on my feet from disneyland yesterday).

well god-dammit if im not extremely happy with my situation at the moment. we have a kick ass place, amazing dogs, amazing friends and enjoying the summer in a new city is a new experience im embracing whole heartedly. although i really dont think i was built for heat and sunshine. sunburns are pretty much my worst enemy. warped tour was basically hell on earth... shitty bands combined with 115 ̊ heat. i looked at rob and we simultaneously said "must go to beach" which ended up being josh's moms pool... god bless that chlorine. went to m cafe today as a suggestion of our lawyers. it was pretty much the bamb. also, he told us about this natural/vegan/holistic cruise through the caribbean that sounds like the most awesome cruise you could ever pay for. anyway im straying away from my topic. i went to valley of the dolls, this awesome doll store on beverly for my sisters b-day present. it made me realize i need to play with my dolls more. it really satisfied that crafty craving i get nearly every day. speaking of which, bought a new camera... a ricoh... ill post more about that later. dont wanna swamp this entry. gahh, i dont even wanna type anything else.

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