Jul 30, 2008

technology is the devil.

man i am so bummed out on how much technology controls our lives. i think its so strange that over the past 10 years cells phones/pdas/smartphones or whatever the hell you want to call them have basically corrupted our once simple minds.

with that being said i am thoroughly exhausted with any form of electronic (typing this on my computer is practically giving me a migrane) and im pretty much giving up. josh gave me the best bit of information today, "kali a phone is a phone".

so anyway, the series of events that happened today were rough... finally said so long to the iphone, dealt with at&t for 3 hours so they would credit our early termination fees (done), went to verizon and signed 2 years of my life away to them, tried to learn how to use a blackberry and failed miserably. help =( i just want a damn beeper.

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