Aug 1, 2008


so we have a designer by the name of colin strandberg ( and he has a lovely girlfriend named andrea who both are visiting us at the moment. im really excited because theyre very talented individuals who are a ton of fun to be around. colin and rob are so alike and andrea is really awesome to do girl things with... oh how i miss those sometimes.

colin, andrea, robert and kali

anyway we have a crazy schedule!

31st - colin and andrea arrived & the scene for franks show
1st - prep for camping & x-games after party at the roxy
2nd - johnny cupcakes store opening at 12pm then ojai to hike and camp
3rd - ojai, hiking and camping.
4th - vice party at king king (cheeseburger!)
5th - amtrack to the beach!
6th - unclaimed thus far
7th - colin and andrea fly home! =(

i booked tickets to minnesota last night also... september 17th to 24th. cool.

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