Aug 16, 2008

bahhhh! update!

okay okay... so too much has happened... i really need to keep this up!

-shout out to melissa ;) shes in kansas and i miss her.
-colin and andrea left...
-soo many birthdays! neil, phillip, david, frank, travis, angi... wow... all in one month?!
-skydiving for angi's birthday. most amazing thing ive forced myself to do.
-whale watching for frank's birthday... dinosaurs of the sea.
-missing josh.
-iphone, blackberry and iphone again.
-renting our redlands house... what a bitch.
-going to hawaii in 11 days! im ready for this hike of a lifetime!
-moving (its in the works... not 100% sure yet) i like la [silverlake].. but rob doesnt. =(
-rockett ebay back in business! woo!
-being married for two years in about a month here... weirddd..
-still letting the hair grow out... this is rough.
-my dogs are the best thing ever.

okay the end.

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