Aug 7, 2008

almost two years.

our second anniversary is on september 16th. weird... weve been married for two years, really? it doesnt seem like that long, although when i look back on all weve done i think to myself, "geez, theres no way all of that was accomplished within two years."

well we decided on two trips for our anniversary presents to each other:

1. we are backpacking through kauai (like rob did with nick two months ago) on august 27th. nick is also going two days prior to us, however, he does not know were going... were just going to surprise him in the jungle. tickets were SUPERRR cheap... so that was pretty cool.

2. we are going to minneapolis, minnesota on september 17th. colin and andrea were so fun to hang around we thought we would extend the journey to their neck of the woods... also, we get to stay at some awesome house on lake superior for a few days... WOWZERS!

okay. bye.

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