Sep 13, 2008

ohhh los angeles.

this city has been so good to us... i really feel like i never gave her the chance she deserved. now shes begging me to stay... but its too late =(. maybe we will be back in your arms one day baby girl.

the past two days have been SO good!

i woke up yesterday... got ready and hopped in the car to make my way to redlands (had to show the rental house... bleghh). i threw the iphone on shuffle and what a good shuffle it was. the decemberists, elliot smith and so many others i couldve only planned to play myself. sometimes you amaze me shuffle. i had some time to kill so i stopped at the tattoo shop. it was like old times... dave was fake punching me, brandon was flipping my cross earring upside down and brian was getting the kali update. man, im gonna miss those guys and visiting that shop.
too dark.
(i know its a really dark photo, but im grabbing brandons boob.)

vintage earring.
my cross earring that brandon inverted.

vintage ring.

my vintage ring from the rosebowl flea market that im pretty much obsessed with.

i was going to get tattooed but a chick walked in right before me so i left. i went to nemo's parents house... he was comatosed there with his puffy little cheeks showing signs of his wisdom teeth being pulled.

nemo, kali and fei wei.
kind of a blurry photo, BUT LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS ON NEIL! hahahaahaha.

i hung there for a bit before showing the house to a couple who seemed very promising. neil invited me to see aesop rock (WHICH WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA) so i went and some him play at the glasshouse. ohhhh the memories. the shop was still empty with all of our wheat pastes in tact... kinda like a ghost town.


------------------------------END NIGHT/BEGIN NEXT DAY---------------------------------------------

now onto today!! i slept in which felt AMAZING... and had big plans to go to my FIRST BLYTHE MEET EVER! after collecting dolls for almost 3 years and having a closet hobby i burst out of my shell and talked to others about them AND THEY ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD ME! it was so inspirational and fun not to mention everyone was so nice and funny. gahh, im in love all over again. i shared horror stories and tips... it was amazing.

la blythe meet.

here's panda... my IH ive had for 2 years. shes my baby. (that magic 8 ball is a gift from a fellow blythe lover)

la blythe meet.

some of the people + dolls.

la blythe meet.

alcoholic kenner. (kenner = the original blythe doll from the 70's which i am now OBSESSED WITH)

la blythe meet.

double the kenner double the fun?

anyway tonight is showgirls at the beverly theater... should be fucking amazing... im stoked. wow. la has been fun.

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