Sep 11, 2008

jr high <3

so in 7th and 8th grade i dated a guy named greg orosco.. he was soooo nice! i guess he was my first "love" hahaha. anyway, i was just napping and i had this dream that his family, him, rob and myself were hiking through kauai. i was drinking a mango kombucha (haha, I WISH!) and his little sister (who doesnt exist) asked for a sip. so i gave her a tiny swig and she became violently ill.

i just woke up so alarmed... its strange because bri knows his little brother steven and i told her to tell steven i said hello. haha i just added him on myspace too. i feel like i need to get ahold of the guy to make sure things are okay even though its been almost 10 years. weird.

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