Sep 9, 2008

r.i.p. robert lee schreur.

robs granddad passed while we were in hawaii... so sad. he had cancer and it was known he didnt have much longer to live. his funeral was sweet and everyone was so thoughtful. he lived a very fulfilled life and im sure he wouldnt have had things any other way.

the funeral was yesterday and there were so many people there! afterward we went back to robs grandmas to have dinner and hang with the family. robs grandma gave me two old sweaters from him. i actually am going to wear them since one is a sweet oversized yellow cardigan and one is a red oversized knit polo pullover.

heres robs grandma afterward.

robs grandma.

she handeled everything so well!

here we are goofing off on the way home.

just the two of us.

and last but not least... dont forget your roots.


(i know theyre getting outta control... im just trying to figure out what kind of hair im going for. bleached hair is behind me.)


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