Sep 10, 2008

GUHHHH, and i was doing so good!

amongst all of the chaos the last thing i should be doing is shopping, but i gave into my womanly instincts and blew some ca$h. i dropped rob off at the train station (hes seeing stp tonight) and made my way to the beverly center. of course on the way i had to stop by valley of the dolls and see if they had miss sally rice available to purchase. duh, they did! her beautiful translucent skin... bahh... in love! theres a blythe meet on saturday and since were moving i felt like it was the perfect time to attend rather than lurk.

i think ill name her feliz? add another to the blythe family.

ive been jonzing for a pair of rayban wayfarers ever since i saw the wayfarer II's they came out with (they arent as tiny for us fat faced people). anyway, i got the go from bobby to scoop up a pair. i had my yeux set on the tortoise shell/black combo.

new shades.
now theyre mine. yusssss.

also made my way to the le sportsac store (ughhh, i thought i rid myself of that stupid habit!) and of course they have a new collection featuring bfree. my heart cant resist those ridiculously oversized bags and childish prints that remind me of "highlights" magazines (which i had indefinite subscriptions for as a kid?) and i need a large carry on bag for hawaii... alas... i now own the "compulsive shopper" bag in the new b free print... hooray! ironic name, right?

after the beverly center i promised myself i would check out some local places ive been eyeballing since we moved here. one of which is pull my daisy (its right next to the sunset junction). super cute store with tons of free people stuff and local indie designers. taxi cdc is also one of them. its on sunset (right next to the alvarado fire station). what a unique concept and right in time for the fad in fashion. mainly consisting of thrifted items theyve reconstructed (think "urban renewal" by urbn outfitters... but a lot more unique). tons of flannels and dresses... none that caught my eye.. but a charming little store none the less. accross the street is aa... which i managed to wander into picking up the purple version of the most comfortable raglan on the PLANET.

now im eating a tantawan chicken wrap and waiting until josh picks me up... i guess hes taking sha-na to the airport tonight? thought itd be fun to tag along.

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