Oct 15, 2008

hawaii or bust!

we made it! life is such a whirlwind! i guess ill sum things up as short & sweet as possible.

-ive been in hawaii for a little over a week now (rob has been here for two).
-our house is incredible. cheaper rent than la too! who wouldve guessed?
-weve basically been focusing on furniture for the past week... let me tell you, this island has some FANTASTIC thrifting. plantation style vintage dreams and crystal knobs... im totally obsessed, especially the GREEN CRYSTAL knobs. im so attached, which is exactly what i didnt need to happen.
-all of the dogs ASIDE from booger are in oahu. =( i miss them soooo much. were going to see them in two weeks, yay!
-havent quite made any great friends yet. kinda bummed... butttt alone time is good since ive been pretty damn social my whole life (not to mention alone time with rob is reallllllyyy therapeutic).

my flickr has a ton of pictures of things weve purchased for the house (mind you we came out here with clothes... thats it.)

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