Nov 3, 2008

blythe update.

i thought i would start blogging my customizations more because theres nothing i hate more than a stingy customizer... here it goes. *SHARE YOUR TIPS PEOPLE!*

i bought a few ounces of mohair before i moved from california with intensions to reroot a few dolls that i intended on buying after i sold a few other dolls... whew that was a mouth full. needless to say i have this as a list of dolls waiting:

-rosie red encore *in progress*
-pdaubrey encore *in box, just received last week*
-msr *in box, just received last week*
-pde *in pieces neglected, but i promise i will get to her!*

rosie red is first.

i used a tutorial i found on tib about how to take her apart since ive taken a saw to two dolls and that was far too traumatizing to saw any others and i cant have all RBL's. i submerged her head (with the body removed) in very hot water. i left it in the water until it was cool. i jiggled her face plate until it slowly peeled off of her scalp. FLANGE IN TACT! BADA BINGGGG! no exacto needed. i had plans on doing a saran reroot on her but i figured she already had a brown scalp and i had some delicious brown mohair (mohair by debbie) to use so what the heck?!

after my first reroot on signa
signa skelton.
i decided i wanted to use A LOT less mohair. which meant a lot more work. the tinier the plug the more effort. so ive realized this reroot is going to occupy many late nights in front of the TV.

i started tonight. i had to patch a minor tear in her scalp which was caused by heaps of melted gross saran that looked like a needle jammed while she was being rerooted. for the patch i just used a piece of cotton fabric cut to size and i spread mod podge all over it to seal it into place. it doesnt show through on top and it looks fairly clean underneath. i am happy with its outcome and it holds very well.

(the tear)
(the patch)
i whipped out my handy dandy rerooting toolbox (which consists of a super dollfie <--sp? rerooting needle, a crochet hook, tiny fabric scissors, a chopstick, floss threaders, tweezers, hair clips and i think thats all?).


to begin i poured a bowl of room temperature water and started dipping and toothing apart fine strands of mohair, tying them in a double knot at the tip and smashing them under a nail polish remover bottle (the knots were slipping out). after they dried for a few minutes i would dab some mod podge on the knots with the chopstick. eventually they dried and i snipped the edge that was unneeded off and voila i had this:


so i stated making my path for my partline on my patch and i used my floss threader to thread the dollfie needle with mohair and then pulled it on through. so now i just need 20 hours of free time! hahahahaha.



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