Nov 4, 2008

november 4th 2008.

today barack obama was elected the next president of the united states. people are talking and everyone is riled up. from my point of view a president is a president. rob and i now have to pay more in taxes, others may pay less. some may call him a socialist for wanting health care imposed across the nation, i on the other hand would like health care to be enforced since i havent been to a doctor in 4 years and i know travis would appreciate it. "MUWAHAHAHA ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!"-us leaders. its all relative (i know people are going to hate me for saying so). in all im mainly excited to see what happens with the fact that he is african american. quite a few peoples panties are in a twist right now. the progression theyre against is what will keep them in the past, their bad. im sure few of them knew that obama is related to 6 us presidents (including BOTH bushs). ignorance is bliss i suppose. END RANT. onto the days events:

1. gym, snorkel, stepped on a sea urchin, errands and then...

2. i made a homemade crumbly apple pie for rob. i received my pyrex pie plate so i guess we celebrated?

3. i made a big pot of homemade chili. i really dont know why we ate out so much in los angeles (sheer laziness and convenience i guess?)

4. ive kind of been hiding the fact that i dyed my hair brown until i felt comfortable with it. it was just too fried to attempt growing it out blonde! i want long hair regardless of the color... soooo VOILA!

5. bought my first kenner! :-X (ebay, cheap and blonde... i was sold) she needs a little bit of work... but aint nothin i cant handle!

bye for now!

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