Nov 29, 2008

latest travels.

november 22nd through the 29th were spent in good ol' honkey tonk alabama. after flying and lay overing for 12 hours we made it to the home turf. i think the practical jokes were at an all time high this year. all of the cousins being 21+ has made it a lot easier to be "real" with eachtoher and filter ourselves less. my stepmother on the other hand... whew... that is a whole new topic. life is good but has dealt me a very odd hand. i think i can deal and figure out my little niche with my dad's choice in family. anyway, i dont have as many photos as last year because i dont have as awesome of a camera. so heres what i captured:

jason (melissa's BF), melissa, myself and bobby louie.


spoons contract.

spoons... need i say more?

i took some photos of kane in the forest.

.... i had A LOT of fun.

in other news.... i turn 25 in 6 days. i kinda dont want to =(. my mom is coming out here on the 4th to celebrate with us. they just opened a macaroni grill so i think were going there for dinner. i managed to stop by the anthro in alabama and swiped a cute pink dress to wear on the "big" night... ugh... 25! seems like i just turned 21 yesterday!!!! bah humbug.

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Angi said...

your hair looks great!
you look great!
I miss you! Cant wait till Christmas!