Nov 11, 2008

november 11th 2008

today is kyle bierma's birthday! i texted him at 12am, "happy birthday, BE SAFE!" see there's history behind his birthdays... usually something terrible happens. one year he broke his back, ankle, heel and wrist riding dirt bikes (i think it was his 18th). this past year he rolled his truck and his girlfriend was ejected from the passenger seat... she was nearly killed. so i hope this one treats him how he should be treated.

yesterday we went on a hike through the jungles at polulu lookout. it reminded me of hiking kauai all over again. we tromped through marshes and saw boar dens =( we also saw an old tank that our friend said he thinks is from when pearl harbor was bombed. each island had a barrack set up to protect them from attack. it was pretty wild and QUITE the workout. once we all came home i cooked fajitas and an apple pie... YUM! i definitely perfected the recipe.

i also just booked our tickets home for christmas. we will be there for almost 2 weeks! i am going to stock up on food, creature comforts that dont exist out here (IE: BAKERS), spend some SERIOUS quality time with important people and hang with the family! im excited!

anyway, im off to run some errands. have a good day!

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