Nov 7, 2008

november 7th 2008.

today consisted of waking up early to finish the laundry i started and continue reading the book that has overpowered any thought in my mind since i started it. ugh, i feel so silly admitting it... but i started reading the twilight series by stephenie meyer. i was never a fan of the series fad (IE: the boxcar children, goosebumps, harry potter... etc). the fact that this series was about teenage vampires totally struck my fancy unfortunately. needless to say i finished 500 pages in 2 days... i was inconceivably engulfed, ridiculous. but now i see where true blood picked up their story... kinda bummed about that.

were about to go work out but im going to see if i can sway the driver to stop at borders so i can pick up new moon... the sequel to twilight... ughhh addiction is a terrible thing!

tonight im going to photograph some rockett stuff to throw up on ebay (along with some personal items to pay off that kenner that i just purchased). thats my life!

alabama in 14 days! im so excited.

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