Nov 6, 2008

november 6th 2008.

this week weve been lagging on grocery shopping so finally we went to the market today to get some fresh fruit and veggies. the grocery stores cant compare to this selection we have here. :::SPOILED::: ive definitely opened a few new doors for some "island" fruit. rambutan, persimmon, papaya, dragon fruit and mangosteen frequent our kitchen windowsill these days. i bought 5 mangos this week :-X eep! some dude said "you know, mangos have just as many calories as a baked potato..." well whatever man! im vegan so i eat far less calories than the average human anyway. usually ill have one for breakfast or dessert. okay im rambling.

we worked out for an hour (ran 3 miles, did 120 crunches and worked on my arms). made "chicken" fajitas for dinner and now im letting a chocolate peanut butter pie set in the fridge. whew. seemed like a long day.


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