Dec 12, 2008

the saddest thing.

rob and i were watching planet in peril tonight (the part with lisa ling, google it). it was about the dwindling shark population and how the taiwanese people covet their fins. seriously it was the saddest moment i have ever witnessed on television thus far in my 25 years of life. i immediately burst into violent sobbing. rob was speachless.

i remembered at that moment, as my guts ached so badly, why i became vegan. dont get me wrong, im no activist that tells you how eating meat is "so terrible". i just cant get over the fact that these animals have no choice. with human murdering a human there is a choice! i mean 9-11... nobody can even tell us who did it or why?! its within the same species, you know? i mean humans dying is very sad, especially when its someone youve developed a bond with. but look at what weve done to this world, its no telling how deep the damage is.

now this act, it was just plain criminal! my bones were shaking. my eyes welled up while i watched. its called "finning". these fishermen lay miles and miles of line with hundreds of hooks on them. in a few hundred feet they can catch up to 10 sharks (some of which are pregnant). the sharks often die before the fishermen make their ways back to the buoy, but a few make it. the sharks are hoisted on board and finned. yea, they just slice them right off. no electric shock first. no blow to the head. the sharks are there flopping and flailing around while their limbs are cut off! sometimes they even cut them so deep theyre almost decapitated. whats next? THEY TOSS THEM OVERBOARD because theres "no room". what happened to respect?! or laws of the land [and sea]. i am ashamed to be human! my heart just hurts right now.

as i watched this shark sink to the bottom of the ocean [because it no longer could serve its purpose that "GOD" created it for] i could only image how a human would be penalized if this was done to another human! i mean, imagine if someone cut off robs arms?! i may me sounding extreme here but these are the thoughts that crossed my mind as i watched a helpless shark sink to its death bleeding from who knows how many orifices. i guess i may sound ignorant with this ever growing ugly world, as if there are better things to worry about, but damnit, those sharks should NOT have this happening to them. anyone who has purchased/eaten/lathered themselves in shark fin - FUCK YOU.


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