Jan 29, 2009

sierra wireless card, thank you.

since i arrived at the acevedo compound in colton it has been infested with flies. as a matter of fact i just saw a baby fly land near my hand. wow, ive never seen a baby fly before. flies are filthy. i was being tortured by a fly a few nights ago when i was falling asleep. each time i would drift off it would land on my lip. i guess it pooped too, because dont flies always poop when they land? so i kept thinking, "wow, i have fly poop on my lip." i finally burrowed under the covers, hiding from the flies and their miniature poops.

side note: jeremy ivens was killed a few days ago. this made me unusually sad. my mom had the clipping on the counter for me when i came home today. here it is.

side note II: six flags is closed tomorrow... so it looks like we are going on saturday?

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